Tax Law and Taxation Experts

Clients of Gerard, Ghazey, & Bates, P.C. benefit from our attorneys’

decades of tax experience and advanced industry knowledge.


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Our 3 attorneys are well-versed in the language of taxes…

Peter Gerard


has a Tax LLM (advanced legal degree) from Boston University

Robert Ghazey


was trained as a CPA

E. Spencer Ghazey-Bates


is in the process of completing a Tax LLM

When you choose Gerard, Ghazey, & Bates, P.C., you are choosing to receive sophisticated yet practical advice.

We advise hedge fund managers, local business owners, retirees and everyone else in between!

Our ability to understand the depth and complexity of tax law enables us to help

each and every client file the most advantageous tax returns.

We provide a broad range of tax and tax law services, including:

  • tax projections and planning

  • tax return preparation

    • income tax returns

      • individual tax returns

        • fiduciary income tax returns

        • Corporate, Partnership, and Small Business tax return

    • Gift and Estate tax returns

    • FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank Accounts)

  • Audit and Tax Dispute Representation

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